Muskoka Reveals Their Next Seasonal Beer

BRACEBRIDGE, ON Muskoka Cottage Brewery announced via Twitter today that their next seasonal beer will be Muskoka Summer Weiss. Described as an “intriguingly delicious summer wheat beer,” it’s set to be released in April and available until September.

As with their previous seasonals – Harvest Ale and Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout – Summer Weiss will be available on tap at select bars and restaurants in southern Ontario, and in 750 ml bottles at the LCBO.

3 thoughts on “Muskoka Reveals Their Next Seasonal Beer

  1. nice wheat beer , great job!
    any of you remember louie’s brasserie in toronto on victoria st , they use to make the best wheat beer i ever had
    unfortunately they closed down

    here is there old web site if by any chance if you know if they have reopen somewhere else , i would love to go visit , it was a wheat beer that they used to brew at the location , so it’s not something you could get at the lcbo or beer store , what a shame

    here is the web site and i m sure anyone of you has been to this place and had there wheat beer you would remember

  2. Renald – Michael Hancock, who was the brewmaster for Denison’s when it was the on-site brewery for Louie’s (and the attached restaurants Growler’s and Conchy Joe’s), got the rights to the Denison’s name after the place closed down. He now brews the Weissbier and Dunkel using the facilities at the Cool Brewery in Etobicoke, and the Weissbier is available in cans at the LCBO:

    As for the old Victoria St. location, the brewery and restaurant are operating again as Duggan’s Brewery, with brewmaster Michael Duggan (founding brewmaster of Mill St. Brewery):

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