Les Brasseurs du Temps Starts Bottling

GATINEAU, QC – Ottawa food blog The Waffle reports that Les Brasseurs du Temps, a brewpub just across the Ontario-Quebec border in Gatineau, has started bottling their previously draught-only beers.

The first beer to be offered in the new format is DumDuminator, an 8% doppelweizenbock described as followa:

This brick coloured beer, hazy yet radiant, is topped by a cream infused head. An explosion of banana is amplified by notes of spices and alcohol as it escapes from the glass. The energetic brewer’s yeast does an awesome job of transforming the sugars while leaving a very present trace. On the palate, caramel, alcohol and fruit flavours (banana) blend together in perfect harmony.

The bottled version of DumDuminator is available starting today at the brewpub, and will be officially launched at Salon du Livre de l’Outaiouais, a festival of books and authors taking place in Gatineau on February 24th to 27th.

UPDATE: BDT brewmaster Dominique Gosselin has followed up to let us know that the beer was bottled yesterday, but it will not be released to the public until around March 7th to allow for some bottle fermentation to take place.

4 thoughts on “Les Brasseurs du Temps Starts Bottling

  1. Thanks for the clarification, Dominique – the story on the Waffle made it sound as if the bottles would be available as of yesterday. I’ll modify the article above accordingly.

  2. Apologies if my story wasn’t clear enough – I was indeed only talking about the bottling process starting Monday.

    As for the official launch, my information comes from Tourisme Outaouais’ FB page, (confirmed by Mr. Geoffroy) which stated: “Wow! Le Salon du livre de l’Outaouais a dévoilé ce matin une programmation diversifiée sous le thème « Le plaisir est sous les couvertures »! À noter parmi les plaisirs à s’offrir : le lancement de la première bière embouteillée par Les Brasseurs du Temps!!”

    I will update my story with the information provided here by Mr. Gosselin.

  3. Sorry, I know this is an odd place to leave this question, but does anyone know the cause of the lack of imported craft beer within Quebec? Both those imported from the rest of canada and also those imported from the states?

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