Great Western Original 16 Coming Next Month

SASKATOON, SKGreat Western Brewing has announced the upcoming release of Great Western Original 16, a pale ale named in honour of the sixteen founders of the brewery.

Great Western was founded in 1990, when 16 employees of Saskatoon’s recently closed Molson factory purchased the facility and started a new independent brewery. This new beer “celebrates the hard work, pride and determination of the company’s original sixteen founders.”

In a press release, the following description of the beer is provided:

Original 16 is made with 100 per cent two-row prairie barley (widely considered to be the best in the world) and produced via a double-aging process through which the beer is matured for seven days, then chilled to minus 1.5 Celsius and held for a 24 day (minimum) cold-aging period. The beer then undergoes final filtration at this temperature to ensure maximum clarity.

“The result is a perfectly-balanced, exceptionally smooth-tasting Canadian Pale Ale with a delicate citrus hop flavour and fruity aroma,” said Viv Jones, Brewmaster, Great Western Brewing Company. “This pale ale is refreshing and highly drinkable and will leave a sparkle on your tongue.”

Great Western Original 16 will be released on March 20th, the date that the first bottle of beer came off the production line in 1990. It will be available in liquor, beer and wine retailers, and in select licensed establishments in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

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  1. What if blended / mixed with saskatoon berry like in Belgium where beer are mixed with fruit; undoubtly this beer will test good.

    —– Great Saskatoon berry Original 16 ——

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