North American Craft Launches To Represent Small Craft Brewers In Ontario

TORONTO, ONNorth American Craft, a new company “focused on representing the smallest craft breweries from North America at the retail level in Ontario,” was officially launched last week by brewing industry veteran Claude Lefebvre.

After a dozen years spent working for breweries including KLB, Unibroue, Sleeman and Mill Street, Lefebvre decided to strike out on his own with this new venture. “I have decided to take the initiative of supporting the smallest craft breweries from Ontario, support out-of-province small breweries and eventually American craft brands,” he says on the new company’s website. “My goal is to give the best representation to these great brands as my heart has always been invested to the smaller company.”

North American Craft’s initial portfolio includes breweries from Ontario (Black Oak, Stratford and Denison’s), Nova Scotia (Propeller) and Saskatchewan (Paddock Wood). Updates on plans for these and any future represented breweries will be posted on the NAC website and Facebook page.

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