Local Residents Protest Proposed Expansion at Creemore Springs Brewery

CREEMORE, ONThe Toronto Star reports that a group of residents in the small town of Creemore, Ontario are opposed to expansion plans at the Creemore Springs Brewery, and intend to take their concerns to the Ontario Municipal Board.

The expansion would triple capacity of the brewery to 150,000 hectolitres per year. It’s a scale that’s simply inappropriate for a town the size of Creemore, opponents say.

The brewery — owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company since 2005 — says the multimillion-dollar expansion would be gradual, and claims it has addressed residents’ complaints. But Paul Vorstermans, spokesperson for the group filing the appeal, disagrees.

“It’s a quality-of-life issue, especially with the noise and the smell,” he said. “Now they’d be doing it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The full story includes quotes from Creemore Springs brewmaster and general manager Gord Fuller, and Clearview Township Mayor Ken Ferguson, both expressing concern about the protests and what it would mean for the brewery should the expansion plans be rejected.

It’s not expected that the residents appeal to the OMB will be heard until the fall, so any expansion will likely need to be put on hold until then.

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  1. The facilities along might not be able to handle it. The building is pretty much packed already.

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