Granville Island Imperial IPA and Nut Brown Ale Coming Soon

VANCOUVER, BCGranville Island Brewing is about to ship two of the GIB Limited Release series of seasonal beers, one a new product and the other returning from previous years.

New this year is Imperial IPA:

Our Imperial India Pale Ale is a hopped-up version of beers made famous by the British Raj over a century ago. Big malt, bold hops and a higher-alcohol content all mean one thing: more flavour. Combining local and English malts with Pacific Northwest hops and special yeast, our Imperial IPA is complemented by a unique citrus-peel bitterness that’s excellent for toasting Vancouver’s 125th birthday this year. Cheers, Vancouver!

And returning for another year is Nut Brown Ale:

The traditional English fermentation process is alive and well with our limited release Nut Brown Ale. In it, we paired the strength of Northern England’s brown ales with the darker hue of their Southern counterparts. This Nut Brown Ale’s nutty aroma and dark walnut colour is best enjoyed with rich meals, aged cheeses and BC’s very own smoked salmon.

Both beers will be sold at the Granville Island retail store, and the Imperial IPA will also be available at select LDB stores.

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