Rusty Anchor Brewing Launches in Nova Scotia

MILL VILLAGE, NSEntre Nous, a blog dedicated to covering “People, Politics & Travel in Nova Scotia,” reports that the province has a new craft brewery, Rusty Anchor Brewing, which officially opened for business on April 1st in Mill Village, a small town located roughly 90 minutes southwest of Halifax.

The first two beers from the brewery – Anchor’s Aweigh Pale Ale and Hell Bay English Ale – are currently available at on draught at Lane’s Privateer Inn in nearby Liverpool, and bottles planned to be available for purchase at the brewery soon.

The report also notes that in addition to the two flagship brands, the brewery plans to offer seasonal beers on a rotating basis, including “an Octoberfest, a Lemon Grass Wheat and a Scottish ‘Robbie Burns’ Ale.”

Rusty Anchor does not yet have a website, but there is a Facebook page with contact details and more information.


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