Phillips Double Barrel Scotch Ale Returns

VICTORIA, BCPhillips Brewing has released this year’s batch of their seasonal Double Barrel Scotch Ale, and have sent out the following description:

Every time we talk about Double Barrel Scotch ale, we can’t help but think about the Doublemint gum ads. You know, the ones with the twins skiing, canoeing or hanging out by the pool, inevitably hooking up with the other set of identical twins. Anyway, this year’s Double Barrel spent 6 weeks in Bourbon Barrels from the Jack Daniels distillery, and then 4 weeks in merlot and cabernet sauvignon barrels, for a very round, yet distinctively woody flavour.

Phillips Double Barrel Scotch Ale is available now at the brewery, and at select cold beer and wine shops in Victoria and Vancouver.

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