Duggan’s Brewery Closure Confirmed To Be Permanent

TORONTO, ON – Despite initial reports that Tuesday’s closure of Toronto brewery and restaurant Duggan’s Brewery was caused by a “mistake” on the part of the landlord and that a reopening was imminent, it now appears that this is not the case, and the closure is permanent.

Initial confirmation of this came via a tweet last night from sommelier Ben Shillow:

It’s official Duggans is closed for good. There’s going to be a lot of good staff looking for work in the city..tweet if you can help

This was retweeted by several people, including Toronto Star beer writer Josh Rubin, who followed up with another tweet:

To folks panicked about Duggan’s, he’s still making No. 9 at Cool. So it’ll still be avail. Wishful thinking on his part for pub to reopen.

This latter tweet refers to the fact that Mike Duggan has been brewing larger quantities of his Duggan’s No. 9 IPA at Cool Brewery for LCBO distribution, and it seems this agreement will continue. Whether or not he will brew any other Duggan’s brands at Cool remains to be seen.

UPDATE: The official word has finally come from Duggan himself (or a rep), via a tweet on the official brewery account:

Duggan’s Brewery downtown location is closed. No. 9 IPA is alive and well and continues to be sold at local bars, restaurants and LCBO.

4 thoughts on “Duggan’s Brewery Closure Confirmed To Be Permanent

  1. Who cares about No. 9.

    No. 3 was the best tasting lager I have ever had. What a real shame.

  2. Never understood why it is so fashionable to knock the #9 IPA. Let’s not forget that the #9 took first place in the Ontario Cask Ale Challenge – alas, it was a blind tasting to the regret of the poseurs.

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