Brick Releases Waterloo Radlermass For Summer

WATERLOO, ONBrick Brewery has released a new seasonal beer for the summer, Waterloo Radlermass.

Each can features the following story and description:

After World War I, bicycle riding became popular in Germany. A local innkeeper opened his own watering hole and arranged for a bike trail through Munich to his alpine meadow, only to find some 13,000 cyclists had descended upon his establishment and almost depleted him of his fine beer. Quick thinking led him to mix a stock of lemon soda with his remaining beer and he called it Radlermass (Radler meaning cyclist and Mass means litre of beer in German), which became a wonderful refreshing summer drink.

Waterloo Radlermass is available now in 473 ml cans at select LCBO outlets throughout Ontario, and at the Brick Brewery retail store in Waterloo.

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