NB Liquor Scraps Private Label Beers

FREDERICTON, NB – New Brunswick newspaper the Telegraph-Journal is reporting that the  New Brunswick Liquor Corporation is discontinuing production of their two private label beers, Selection Lager and Selection Light, due to declining sales.

According to the report, the two beers – which have been brewed for the agency by Moosehead Brewery since their launch in March 2009 – are among 26 brands which are being delisted due to falling below a sales volume minimum recommended in a recently completed review of NB Liquor’s beer category.

Priced lower than all other beer brands in the province in an attempt to staunch the flow of New Brunswick beer drinkers crossing the border to buy cheaper beer in Quebec, the two beers initially had moderate success, with roughly 95,000 12-packs of Selection Lager and 74,000 of Selection Light selling in the first year on the shelves. But these numbers dropped significantly in the second year to 28,000 and 15,000 12-packs respectively.

According to NB Liquor communications manager Nora Lacey, both beers will remain on the shelves until current stock sells through, after which the brands will be retired.


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  1. Minor note, according to the linked article, it’s 26 SKUs, not brands that will be scrapped. 26 entire brands being dropped would be a major overhaul of the ANBL beer section.

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