Keith’s Brewmaster Series Continues With Ambrosia Blonde

HALIFAX, NS – Following on last fall’s Harvest Ale and winter’s Tartan Ale, the Alexander Keith’s Brewmaster Series of limited edition brews is continuing with the release of Alexander Keith’s Ambrosia Blonde:

Ambrosia Blonde is the third all-malt Alexander Keith’s seasonal beer brewed at the Halifax Brewery. The Keith’s Brew Master has used a blend of Canadian barley malt and caramel malt to create a beer with a warm colour and smooth malty taste. The addition of noble hop varieties including Saaz and Hallertau, in addition to the floral Willamette hops, creates a beer with a moderate bitterness and pleasant floral hop aroma. This beer is also aged longer to ensure a crisp clean taste that is balanced with a slightly fruity character developed during fermentation.

Alexander Keith’s Ambrosia Blonde is available now in cans and bottles at NSLC outlets in Nova Scotia, and will soon roll out across the country, with format and availability varying from province to province.

2 thoughts on “Keith’s Brewmaster Series Continues With Ambrosia Blonde

  1. I was pleasantly surprised with the incredible taste & aroma this beer offers. It has such a sweet aroma, slightly bitter hoppy taste with a sweet aftertaste. This is truly a perfect summer brew! With each sip/gulp of this beer, I am convinced this is my All-Time favorite beer! Unfortunate it is a Limited Release.

  2. I am a beer cap collector and just purchased a 6 pack of your Ambrosia Blonde to get the cap for my collection. Turns out it is a worthwhile drink in addition to have a well-designed cap. I missed your first two Brewmaster issues. Did they have the same cap? Any chance to get a few of the Brewmaster uncrimped caps?
    George Bidlake
    349 Inglewood Drive
    Fredericton, NB
    E3B 2L1

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