Flying Monkeys To Release “World’s Hoppiest Beer”

BARRIE, ON – As part of Ontario Craft Beer Week, Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery has announced the launch of Everest Experiments, “a series of extreme beers showcasing the complexity and versatility of artisan brewing.”

The first beer in the series is Alpha-fornication, an ale that lays claim to being the world’s hoppiest beer. In a post on Facebook, Flying Monkeys founder and brewer Peter Chiodo had this to say about it:

Clocking in at 2500 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) and 13.3% ABV, Alpha-fornication proves that sometimes people climb mountains just because they’re there. And sometimes, Beer Geeks will try anything on a dare. The hoppiest beer we know of was a meager 2007 IBUs, so we bested that and then some. We Flying Monkeys see extreme beers as the continuing evolution of Craft Brewing and the expansion of Ontario beers. It’s not just a contest of bravado to see who can make the world’s strongest beer (even though now we’ve got the world’s hoppiest one covered); it’s a movement – a movement to showcase the craft and how complex and versatile beer can actually be.

Alpha-fornication will be available at Gambrinus Bistro & Café in London, where the single 15 litre keg produced will be put on tap tomorrow (Tuesday June 21st).

The small amount that remained after filling the keg has been packaged in 6 bottles, each of which will be sold for $45 at the brewery in Barrie.

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