Duggan’s Brings Back No. 5 Sorachi Lager

TORONTO, ON – During the time that Duggan’s Brewery operated as a brewpub in downtown Toronto, No. 5 Asian Lager was one of the constant brands in the beer line-up.

Like most Duggan’s beers, it was unavailable following the closure of the brewpub in April. But owner and brewer Michael Duggan, who is now running the brewery exclusively as a contract operation at the Cool Brewing facility, has recently brought it back with a slightly new name – No. 5 Sorachi Lager – and is now offering it as a second bottled brand alongside his No. 9 IPA.

Here are the description and tasting notes provided by the brewery:

4% A.B.V. Premium 2-row malted barely, flaked brewing rice, Sorachi Ace hops. Light alcohol but not light flavoured. Straw coloured. Aromatic hop bouquet with elements of lemon zest, lime and a trace of white pepper. Malt and rice create a warm flavour core edged by the Sorachi Ace hops.

Duggan’s No. 5 Sorachi Lager is now available in six-packs of 275 ml bottles at LCBO outlets in Southern Ontario. It can also be found at select bars and restaurants in Toronto.

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