Labatt Expands Blue Brand With Three New Products

TORONTO, ON – To mark the 60th anniversary of its flagship Labatt Blue lager, Labatt Breweries has announced the launch of three new extensions to the brand.

Blue Lime is a 4% abv lime-flavoured lager that is being presented as both a ready-to-drink product and a cocktail ingredient, with several recipes provided in press and marketing material.

Blue Dry is a revival of an older brand that was previously retired everywhere except Quebec, where the name is used for a series of high-alcohol beers ranging from 6.1% to 10.1% abv. This new national version is based on the 6.1% brew, and is described as having a “a crisper, drier finish” than regular Blue.

Finally, Blue 55 represents the brewery’s first foray into the ultra-low calorie market. As suggested by the name, it contains 55 calories per bottle, with 2.3% abv.

Blue Lime will be available only until September with distribution limited to Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Blue Dry and Blue 55 have wider distribution and are permanent additions to the Blue portfolio.

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  1. Wasn’t Labatt Sterling their first foray into low carb beer? I guess with it being 88cal this would make it a low cal isntead of an ultra low cal beer.

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