The Old Mill Pub at Ashton Starts Brewing

ASHTON, ON – The Old Mill Pub at Ashton, a classic English-style pub on the outskirts of Ottawa, has started brewing and serving its own beer.

The two house ales – Ashton Pub Amber Ale & Ashton Pub Cream Ale – are being brewed on-site by publican Art Hodgins and his sons Quinn, Michael John and Brendan, using recipes developed in conjunction with renowned Canadian brewing veteran Lorne Hart.

Additional brands may follow, as well as take-home bottles or growlers. But for now the Ashton Pub beers are available exclusively on tap at the Old Mill and Patty’s Pub, a pub in Ottawa also owned by Hodgins.

More information about the new venture can be found in an article published last month in the Ottawa Citizen.

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