Brick Reveals More Details About Waterloo Amber

WATERLOO, ON – After giving a sneak peek last month, Brick Brewery has revealed more details about Waterloo Amber, the next beer in their Seasonal Collection series, via a pair of photos posted on Facebook.

The first (also included to the right) shows that the alcohol percentage of the beer will be 6.8%, while the second shows the following text from the back of the can:

Waterloo Amber is brewed with hops from the renowned Hallertau region in Bavaria. This region is known for continuously cultivating their hops since the 8th century AD and is one of the oldest hop growing regions in the world. Brewed with all-natural spring water and a special blend of five distinct malts – Canadian two row malted barley, two types of roasted malt, rye malt, and a special distiller’s malt giving this amber its perfect whiskey colour. We age this beer slowly in Northern White Oak, delivering the same subtle caramel notes and spicy aromas that are often found in many fine whiskies allowing this premium brew to remain perfectly balanced from beginning to end.

Not yet announced is when and where the beer will be available, but as with previous Brick seasonals, distribution will likely be limited to the LCBO and the Brick retail store.

2 thoughts on “Brick Reveals More Details About Waterloo Amber

  1. Waterloo Amber is at the brewery store now and will soon be in the LCBO. I sessioned it last night and I gotta say I’m impressed. I didn’t expect much but Brick sirprised me with a rich satisfying reddish-orange marzen-like lager with lots of unique character. Its on par with their anniversary bock. I urge you to try some…get it as fresh as possible to pick up all the suble malt complexity.

  2. Bring back Radlermas, i was so dissapointed when i heard they werent makin it this year. Radlermas = best summer beer ever

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