Railway City Hoptoberfest Launching Today

ST. THOMAS, ON – Today sees the launch of Railway City Hoptoberfest, the newest seasonal beer from Railway City Brewing.

Made to “celebrate the harvest season,” the 5.4% abv ale was brewed using “locally grown Macintosh apples from Rokeby Orchards from Aylmer and local hops from the Vandelsyke Farm near Vienna, Elgin County, about 15 minutes to the east of the brewery.”

Hoptoberfest will be debuted at tonight’s installment of Railway City’s monthly Thursday Night Sessions event, after which is will be available exclusively at the brewery retail store and selected bars and restaurants in a limited run of bottles and kegs.

2 thoughts on “Railway City Hoptoberfest Launching Today

  1. Umm last time I checked a pint in this country under federal law is an imperial pint or 568 ml (20 oz) not 500 ml!

  2. I was very excited to try this pint (?) But my excitement was not to last long… I found this beer to be bland and lacking, in just about everything… especially hops!!

    I let my wife, who usually hates my eccentric/strong/hoppy beer selections and she remarked that it tasted like a bud lite! Where do these guys get off calling this an Octoberfest? I’m sad to say that a good portion of this one went down the drain…

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