Announcing the Canadian Beer News Dinner Series

TORONTO, ON – Canadian Beer News is pleased to announce the launch of the Canadian Beer News Dinner Series.

This ongoing series of dinners will bring together some of Canada’s top breweries and beer importers with outstanding chefs and restaurants to create unique and exciting beer and food pairing experiences.

For our first dinner on Tuesday, December 6th, we’ll be matching the all-natural organic beers of Beau’s Brewing with a gourmet vegan meal prepared by Chef Doug McNish, and enjoying it in the luxurious surroundings of The Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto.

Each course, as well as the hors d’oeuvres at the welcome reception, will be paired with beers presented by Beau’s co-founder Steve Beauchesne – including rarities from the brewery’s ”Wild Oats Series” and “Greener Futures Bourbon Barrel Aged Series” – and Chef McNish’s healthy, hearty and beer-friendly creations will show us that there is much more to vegan food than tofu and sprouts.

More details, including a ticket ordering link, can be found on the Canadian Beer News Dinner Series page.

2 thoughts on “Announcing the Canadian Beer News Dinner Series

  1. Kudos Greg – was just reading Jordan’s blog on the Beau’s – vegan dinner and that sounds just amazing. I have a few friends who’ve converted to veganism over the past year, and know they’re going to salivate when i get them to read through that menu.

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming next in the exciting series.


  2. Thanks, Forest – Details for Dinner #2 will be announced next week. Hope you can make it out to one in the future!

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