Molson Brings Calgary Beer Back To Its Namesake City

CALGARY, ABMolson Coors Canada has announced that regional brand Calgary Beer is returning to stores and bars in Calgary for the first time in almost two decades.

Originally brewed by Calgary Brewing & Malting before that company was taken over by Carling-O’Keefe, the brand was withdrawn from its home market in the mid-1980s, but remained available in Saskatchewan. New parent company Molson brought it back to Calgary for two limited runs, the most recent in 1992, but it has not been seen there since.

150,000 bottles of Calgary Beer – which is now brewed at Molson’s Vancouver plant – have been brought into the city for a trial run, and a company spokesperson told the Calgary Sun that a similar promotion could take place for next year’s centennial edition of the Calgary Stampede.

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  1. Calgary beer drinkers do have a voice! Great to see Molsons Coors Canada step up and do this. Now we have it, lets be sure to keep it. Do your part! I’m on case number 6! 149994 to go!

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