CAMRA Vancouver Starts a FUSS

VANCOUVER, BC – Craft beer supporters organization CAMRA Vancouver has announced the launch of “Fess Up to Serving Sizes” (FUSS), a campaign to address issues with draught beer serving sizes.

In a statement from the CAMRA Vancouver Executive, it’s made clear that FUSS “is not centred on advocating for licensees to serve pints over sleeves, but instead is focused on licensees declaring exactly what sized glasses they are serving beer in and ensuring they deliver on the promise of this serving size by providing the full measure advertised.”

The statement goes on to note that “one of the legal obligations of a licensee in BC is that they must provide customers, upon request, a complete serving size/price list for every alcoholic beverage they offer,” and that “the FUSS Campaign is focusing on persuading licensees to comply with this law so that serving sizes are properly identified for the consumer, eliminating the misrepresentation of serving sizes, whether this misrepresentation is intentional or not.”

Full details on the FUSS Campaign, including information on how the first stage will proceed, have been posted to the CAMRA Vancouver website.

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