Ontario Government May Offer A Resolution To Beau’s Delivery Dispute

TORONTO, ON – After several days of media coverage and numerous blog posts regarding last week’s shutdown of Beau’s All-Natural Brewing‘s new home delivery service by the AGCO, there are signs that the Government of Ontario may be looking for a way to have the service reinstated soon.

According to Postmedia News, Liberal MPP Grant Crack, representative of the riding where Beau’s is located, brought the issue to the attention of Premier Dalton McGuinty, who indicated that he would like AGCO legislation changed to allow the delivery service to be reinstated.

Crack said the rules don’t make sense in today’s Ontario: “I think we all know that microbreweries are playing an important role in our local communities. So we have to adapt and make sure we can provide opportunities for them as well.”

The government, he said, is now examining the liquor act to understand how it can get the service back on track. “We’re in the process of looking at the legislation now and the wording of it to determine how we can make some changes to make sure that this great initiative continues to move forward,” he said.

CBN will continue to report on this issue as the situation progresses.


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