Molson’s Six Pints Division Setting Up Street-Level HQ in Toronto

TORONTO, ON – Following up on a post on Toronto Life‘s website suggesting that Creemore Springs Brewery would be opening a brewpub in downtown Toronto, a reporter from the Creemore Echo sat down with representatives from the brewery last week, and found out that plans are quite different from what Toronto Life and others have speculated.

According to the article published last Friday, the building on Victoria St. which previously housed the Duggan’s and Denison’s brewpubs is set to become the headquarters for Six Pints Specialty Beer Company, a division of Molson-Coors Canada created earlier this year to oversee the conglomerate’s craft brewing interests, including Creemore Springs and Granville Island Brewing.

In addition to being a home for the offices for Six Pints, the brewery area of the building will remain operational for the creation of various experimental and one-off beers, some of which may be sold in an on-site retail store that will also offer other Molson-owned craft brands and related products.

There will also be a tasting room where visitors can sample various beers, but there are no plans to re-open the space as a full-scale pub or restaurant, although one of the kitchens will be left in place to be used for special events. And part of the space will be turned into a “beer museum” of sorts, which Creemore Springs communications director Karen Gaudino describes as “a celebration of craft brewing, a way of showing people a different view of what beer can be.”

Additional details about the facility, including when it will be opening and what name the on-site brewery will be operating under, have yet to be announced.

4 thoughts on “Molson’s Six Pints Division Setting Up Street-Level HQ in Toronto

  1. I’m curious, are they allowed to sell “other Molson-owned craft brands” if they are not brewed on site?
    I thought Magnotta wanted to do this with their beer brands and were refused permission to sell any beer which was not brewed on site.

  2. Good question, Bruce. It’s mentioned in the article I linked to that they plan to sell various brands, but you’re right – it’s generally not allowed if the beer isn’t brewed on site. I guess we’ll see when they open.

  3. Just a costly approach to try to participate in craft and premium end of the market by Molson. Beer is about brands not companies. They likely created 6 Pints to seed some brands and appear separate from Molson. But long term will realize it’s not economical to run 2 sets of overheads to achieve the same return. 3 or 4 years 6 Pints will be gone and Molson will quietly manage the brands after they are established and you are not looking.

  4. Big breweries are slowly loosing ground to the micros so instead of making their own craft beer and getting no street cred Molson smartly decided to just buy 2 successful craft breweries.

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