Garrison Offers Six Special Brews for the Winter Season

HALIFAX, NS – It’s quite common to see craft breweries releasing a special beer this time of year to celebrate Christmas and the winter season, but it’s not often than a brewery releases a half-dozen seasonal brews within a couple of months.

That’s exactly what Garrison Brewing in Halifax is doing, though, with several of the six available now, and the rest to follow soon.

Already on the shelves at the Garrison retail store and select private liquor retailers in Nova Scotia are:

  • Winter Warmer – “A strong dark amber beer brewed with spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove) evocative of the holiday season.”
  • Martello Stout – “Heavily roasted malts make this dark brew uncompromisingly bold.”
  • Grand Baltic Porter – “Originally brewed in countries bordering the Baltic Sea and derived from English porters, this complex lager is brewed with dates and blackstrap molasses. “
  • Black IPA – “This legendary hop-forward style with a big roasted malt base.”

And coming soon:

  • Spruce Beer (out December 16th) – “Complex and full-bodied, this centuries-old brew balances the fresh aroma’s of Spruce with the warming flavours of molasses and bittersweet chocolate.”
  • PiLs (out December 21st) – “A premium European lager drawing inspiration from several classic styles, blending Czech Saaz hops, German lager yeast and Bluenose spirit!”

More information on the availability of each beer can be found on the Garrison website.

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