Snowman Brewing Prepares to Launch as Ontario’s First Exclusively Gluten-Free Brewery

TORONTO, ON – After operating since mid-2010 as a homebrewing project focused exclusively on gluten-free beers – all crafted using “hand-malted gluten free grains, fresh hops, and yeast grown on pure gluten free cultures” – brewers Kevin Snow and Hirsch Goodman are getting set to release the first commercially available product under their Snowman Brewing label.

Snow and Goodman have garnered numerous awards for their efforts in homebrewing contests including CABA’s All About Ales Competition, Great Canadian Homebrew Competition and Toronto Beer Week Homebrew Competition, all of which had their beers competing directly against standard, non-gluten-free beers in various style categories. They’ve also gotten positive reviews of their beers from beer blogs including Toronto Beer Blog and Hops & Malt.

To make the move from homebrewing to commercial brewing, the pair are now brewing larger batches at the Black Oak Brewing facility in Etobicoke. The first product of this new partnership is Snowman Pail Ale, which will be debuted on the evening of Thursday, December 22nd at Burger Bar in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

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