Red Truck Beer Launches New Website and Announces New Limited Release

VANCOUVER, BC – Red Truck Beer has launched a new website that offers a variety of information about the small North Vancouver brewery and its products.

In addition to short blurbs about the brewery, brewmaster Dave Varga, and the eponymous red truck that’s used for delivery’s, the site provides notes on the brewery’s base brands – Red Truck Ale and Red Truck Lager – as well as upcoming limited releases. Other useful info includes a list and map of bars that serve Red Track’s draught-only brews, a merchandise page, and details on ordering kegs for delivery or pick-up.

Along with the new website, Red Truck has announced a new upcoming limited release, Red Truck Sticke:

Once a year, breweries and brewpubs in Dusseldorf will make a higher strength version of their Alt. This beer, lasting only a day or two because of their popularity, is called Sticke, or “secret” in their dialect. This ale is usually darker in colour than traditional alts; it has a restrained fruit aroma and flavour; a light caramel and burnt sugar malt sweetness; and distinct, herbal, hop bitterness.

Red Truck Sticke was brewed on January 1st, and should be released soon at select bars and pubs in Vancouver and area.

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