Alley Kat Launches New Series with Green Dragon Double IPA

EDMONTON, AB – Inspired by the success of Red Dragon and Blue Dragon, a pair of double IPAs released last year as part of the Big Bottle series of one-off beers, Alley Kat Brewing has launched a new series dedicated exclusively to double IPAs, kicking it off with Green Dragon Double IPA.

Just as the Red and Blue Dragons were brewed using a single hop variety – Simcoe for Red, Columbus for Blue – Green Dragon is also a single hop ale, brewed using Zythos. It’s described as having an aroma of “bready malt followed by citrus and floral” notes, and a flavour of “malt up front quickly followed by a mouth-numbing blast of citrus and piney hops and a long-lasting bitterness.”

Green Dragon Double IPA is available now in 650 ml bottles at the brewery and in select liquor stores in Alberta. New installments in the series are planned to be released on a bi-monthly basis.

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