Molson Pulls High Alcohol Beer from Alberta Market

EDMONTON, ABCBC News and the Edmonton Journal are reporting that Molson Coors Canada is pulling a low priced, high alcohol lager from the market in Alberta “for the good of the community.”

Carling Black Label Big 10 is a 10.1% abv lager packaged in 1.18 litre (40 oz.) bottles that are sold in corner stores for just over 5 dollars. The high alcohol content means that a single container is roughly equivalent to seven 355 ml cans or bottles of standard strength beer, and that combined with the low price point and ease of accessibility has made the brand popular in areas where alcohol-associated violence is prevalent.

Shipments of Black Label Big 10 to retailers in Alberta have stopped, and once the current supply has sold through, it will no longer be available in the province.

It’s unknown, however, if Molson intends to drop the brand – or similar strong discount brands, such as Molson Dry 10.1 – in other provinces where they are available.

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One thought on “Molson Pulls High Alcohol Beer from Alberta Market

  1. Bummer, I live in Quebec city and I hope this doesn’t happen here. I’ve noticed lately that the Molson dry 10.1 is getting hard to find. All the other %’s are there up to 8% but the 10.1% is Missing in action. At least the Labatt Dry 10.1 is always available, I hope they can pick up that share of the market if Molson bans all 10.1’s. The price is higher now too, 5.59$ per 1.18L. bottle, I remember a few years ago I would pay 4.29$ for the same exact bottle.

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