Expansion Planned for Toronto Location of Granite Brewery

TORONTO, ON – Ron Keefe, owner of the Toronto location of the Granite Brewery, has announced plans to expand into the basement of the building at Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant that has housed both the brewery and its affiliated restaurant for more than two decades.

In an exclusive email to CBN, Keefe provided more details on the expansion:

(The basement space) is about three times the size of our current brewery so it will allow us to add some much needed capacity. The brewing will still take place in the current brewhouse but with conditioning and brite tanks moved downstairs we will double capacity immediately with room to expand more if we need it. It will also allow for new brews, some bottling, a more efficient kegging operation and give us much needed space to expand our cask business.

No dates have been announced for the equipment move, but Keefe took possession of the lower level space earlier this week, so work should be underway soon.

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