Double Trouble Hops & Robbers IPA Approved for LCBO Sales

TORONTO, ONDouble Trouble Brewing has announced that its flagship brand, Hops & Robbers IPA, has been accepted by the LCBO for retail sales, and will be on the shelves in 473 ml cans in time for the Victoria Day weekend in May.

In a press release, Double Trouble’s Claude Lefebvre says that he and co-owner Nathan Dunsmoor are “excited with the opportunity and feedback on our brand so far, as the response has been overwhelming and consumers are super jazzed that we will be available for sale at retail.”

Hops & Robbers IPA was developed by brewmaster Paul Dickey of Cheshire Valley Brewing, and is currently being brewed under contract at Wellington Brewery in Guelph. It was launched last month as a draught product, and will continue to be available in that format in select pubs and restaurants in Ontario.

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