Russell Brewing Releases Limited Edition Nectar of the Gods Wheat Wine Ale

SURREY, BCRussell Brewing has announced the release of Nectar of the Gods Wheat Wine Ale, a limited edition single batch ale that is the first barrel-aged beer from the brewery.

A press release from Russell describes the beer as follows:

The beer was carefully aged in Tennessee Whiskey barrels for over four months. The aging process provided the beer with layers of flavour complexity including a fruity-ester character and vanilla-like flavours and tannins. A premium selection of malts were used including over 50% of Wheat Malt and a combination of Pilsner and Munich Malts. The hops were sourced from the USA and France. The US Columbus Hops provide a firm bitterness and the French Strisselspalt Hops offer a lusty black currant flavour and balanced finish. After the barrel-aging, the beer was bottle-conditioned resulting in natural carbonation and sediment.

The entire run of Nectar of the Gods was pre-sold, and is now available in 650 ml bottles at select private liquor retailers in Vancouver and surrounding area.

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    1. Yeah, it’s too bad this isn’t available elsewhere.

      Good thing I live in Vancouver. I was able to pick one and IT IS AWESOME.

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