Driftwood Dabbles in the Dark Arts with Son of the Morning Strong Golden Ale

VICTORIA, BC – It’s hard to say how many loyal fans of Driftwood Brewing are practicing Christians, but a few of them might soon be changing their allegiance to a different brewery, as Driftwood is about to release a brew named in honour of the Dark Lord Lucifer himself, with a suitably Satanic label to match.

Driftwood Son of the Morning is a Belgian-style strong golden ale that bears the following label description:

Devilishly named in the tradition of Belgian Strong Golden Ales. Feel the pull of the underworld as you enjoy this drinkable treat, but beware, the Dark Prince will exact his price…

Driftwood Son of the Morning Strong Golden Ale will be released tomorrow (Thursday March 22nd) at liquor stores in the Victoria area, and on Friday in Vancouver. It will be available in 650 ml bottles while supplies last.

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  1. Cant wait to try this out !!!