Minhas Aims For Female Market With Uptown Girl

CALGARY, AB – In the latest example of a brewery trying to bring a feminine touch to their product, Minhas Brewery has launched Uptown Girl, a new trio of brands aimed squarely at the young female market.

The three beers – Uptown Girl Premium Light Lager (“lightly carbonated” with 57 calories), Uptown Girl Cherry Belgian Red (a “specially crafted Western Canadian Belgian barley and wheat beer” made with organic cherry juice), and Uptown Girl Strawberry Blonde Ale (“with hints of banana […] blended with organic strawberries”) – all check in at 4% abv, and are packaged in 207 ml bottles. According to the brewery, this smaller format was chosen because “women typically drink beer slower than men, causing beer in the larger bottles to become warm and less enjoyable.”

The Uptown Girl brands are available now at liquor stores throughout Alberta. They are currently being brewed at the Minhas facility in Monroe, Wisconsin, but some of the production is expected to move to the new Minhas Micro Brewery in Calgary when it opens later this spring.

2 thoughts on “Minhas Aims For Female Market With Uptown Girl

  1. A feminie touch to beer? As a woman who enjoys beer, I find this insulting. Smaller bottles, adding fruit juice and assuming that we want a light beer. They need to hire a new marketing company if this is their idea of marketing to women.

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