Muskoka Unveils The Legendary Spring Oddity

BRACEBRIDGE, ON – A few weeks after it was first announced in an somewhat secretive and mysterious fashion, Muskoka Brewery has finally revealed the details about their newest seasonal release, The Legendary Spring Oddity.

Said to be inspired by “legends [that] date back to the 1800s when lumberjacks and fur traders took to the woods and encountered the mysterious culture and wildlife in the unknown Northern Ontario region,” the Oddity is an 8% strong ale that doesn’t fit a particular style, but which seems to have a Belgian influence. Ingredients include heather tips, juniper berries, sweet orange peel and Belgian candi sugar, along with North American malt, noble hops and a Belgian yeast strain.

The Legendary Spring Oddity is now available in 750 ml bottles and at the sampling bar at the Muskoka brewery store in Bracebridge.  It will be available soon in bottles at various LCBO outlets, and on tap at select bars and restaurants throughout Ontario.

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