Ontario MPPs Pick Their Favourite Craft Beers For 2012-13

TORONTO, ON – Last week at Queen’s Park, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, the Honourable Dave Levac (pictured above right, with John Hay, President of the Ontario Craft Brewers), invited Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), Queen’s Park staff and selected guests and media to an annual tasting and selection of craft beers from across Ontario.

20 members of the Ontario Craft Brewers were on hand to pour their beers, and tasters cast ballots to choose their favourites in six categories. There was also a “Speaker’s Selection” chosen by Steve Peters, the previous Speaker and well-known advocate for craft beer, who returned to do the duty on behalf of Levac who is a teetotaller. The winning beers will be available in the dining room and at catered events & receptions at Queen’s Park for the 2012-13 year.

The categories and winning beers for this year were:

Golden Lagers, Pilsners & Light BeerKing Pilsner
Refreshing AlesNeustadt Scottish Ale
Amber Lagers, Ales & Honey Beer – TIE: Cameron’s Auburn Ale and Old Credit Amber Ale
Malty Dark Lager or AleCameron’s Dark 266
Bold Flavored Ale, Stout or PorterRailway City Dead Elephant Ale
Wheat Beer & SpecialtyNickel Brook Green Apple Pilsner
Speaker’s SelectionMuskoka Mad Tom IPA

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