Vancouver Island Brewery Launching Brewer’s Batch Series with Flying Tanker White IPA

VICTORIA, BCVancouver Island Brewery has announced the launch of Brewer’s Batch, a series of beers to be released in limited runs of 650 ml bomber bottles.

The first in the series is Flying Tanker White IPA, which features an illustration of the Martin Mars water bomber used to fight forest fires in BC on the label. The 6.8% abv ale is described as follows:

Much like Vancouver Island’s aerial firefighters, this twist on a traditional IPA will extinguish your thirst. This Bomber packs a full payload of hop power delivered on target with the smoothness of wheat malt. With a complex hop flavour balanced in flight with notes of fruit and spice, this beer isn’t just for emergencies.

Flying Tanker is expected to be bottled later this week, and will be available at select liquor stores in BC soon afterward.

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