Dieu du Ciel! Releasing Limited Edition Beer in Support of Student Protests

MONTREAL, QC – The Toronto Star reports that Montreal brewpub Dieu du Ciel! will be releasing special edition beer in support of the student protests that have been taking place this spring in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec.

Grand Noirceur is an imperial stout brewed occasionally by DDC!, with a name that translates to Great Darkness, a term often used to refer to the years that premier Maurice Duplessis led the province.

When available, Grand Noirceur usually sells for $15 per bottle at the brewpub, but today (May 24th) there will be an edition of 30 bottles available for $10 each. The promotion is intended to draw a connection between the policies of the ultra-conservative Duplessis and the controversial Bill 78 that was pushed through by the Quebec government last week in order to crack down on the student protests.

In an announcement on Facebook about the release, DDC! encourages people to share bottles of the strong brew, as “history shows that it’s always better to share the wealth and the finer things in life than to close oneself in the logic of every man for himself.”

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  1. Such a noble sentiment! Let’s leave our wallets at home the next time we visit DDC and see how keen they really are about “sharing the wealth and finer things in life”, shall we?