Steam Whistle Reveals Details of Golden Opener Promotion

TORONTO, ON – For the past eight years from April to June, Steam Whistle Brewing has offered a limited edition retro-style bottle opener as a bonus in 12 packs of Steam Whistle Pilsner, and this year as been no exception.

What’s new for 2012, however, in that a handful of the openers have been dipped in 10 kt gold, and those lucky enough to get one of these Golden Openers are being awarded various special prizes by the brewery.

As shown in a recent post on the Steam Whistle blog, prizes awarded so far have included VIP brewery tours, cottage parties, and home delivered party packs. An unknown number of Golden Openers are still waiting to be discovered, with each of them being a key to a unique prize that will be revealed when the opener is found.

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