Ontario’s Premier Promotes Local Craft Beer in Blog Post

TORONTO, ON – Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has shown his support for Ontario’s craft brewing industry with a post on BlogON(tario), his official blog on the Office of the Premier website.

Headed by a short video profile of Muskoka Brewery, the post spotlights the record 45% sales growth that Ontario craft beers saw at the LCBO last year, and notes that while most Ontario breweries currently use malt or hops from out of province, there are growing local industries for both ingredients.

In closing, McGuinty writes that he thinks “a lager is great in the heat. Otherwise you can’t beat an ale with some bite.”

One thought on “Ontario’s Premier Promotes Local Craft Beer in Blog Post

  1. Too bad you can’t buy Ontario Craft Beer just anywhere. He can promote it all he wants, but most of it just isn’t available around here where I live. Now, if he really wanted to promote Ontario Craft Beer, start selling it in convenience stores, gas stations and supermarkets.

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