Molson Coors Launches New $13.5 Million Packaging Line at Toronto Plant

TORONTO, ONMolson Coors has announced the launch of an innovative new packaging line at its Toronto plant that will allow the brewery to increase packaging capacity, and to start releasing its beers in a wider variety of formats.

The official unveiling took place yesterday with a special media event, during which Brad Duguid, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development and Innovation, and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford praised Molson Coors Chairman Andrew Molson for the $13.5 million investment that has been made by the company to build the line, helping to ensure that the Toronto plant remains an important part of the company’s national production and distribution network.

Among the first new products off the line will new widemouth aluminum bottles of Coors Light, Molson Canadian and Coors Light Iced T. The new bottles will be available across Canada in early July.

2 thoughts on “Molson Coors Launches New $13.5 Million Packaging Line at Toronto Plant

  1. No bid deal when you have the same boring, bland and yellow lagers inside the wide mouth. Only one who benefits from that is my boss.

  2. Frankly, Who cares? For my money the only product Molson’s produce worth drinking is Export. I’m sick of the slop they are brewing under license. One sip and they’re immediately recognizable as another Molson salty beer.

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