HogsBack Continues Seasonal Series With Sunofa Beach Kristal Wheat

OTTAWA, ONHogsBack Brewing has announced the release of the second in a series of limited edition seasonal beers being brewed in collaboration with local nanobrewery the Ashton Brewing Company.

Punningly named Sunofa Beach Kristal Wheat, the beer is described as follows:

This refreshing take on a Bavarian weizen wheat beer is brewed with a delicate combination of wheat malt and barley malt, filtered for clarity giving it a light golden hue. A light summery beer nicely balanced between sweet and dry that delivers complex flavour characteristic including fruity notes like grapes, apples, and bananas along with a bit of clove. A sweet combination of spice and fruit linger on the palate.

Sunofa Beach is being officially launched next Thursday July 19th with a “Summer in the City” party from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Sandy Hill Lounge & Grill (321 Somerset Street East, Ottawa). It will be available on tap at select pubs and restaurants in the Ottawa Valley while supplies last.

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