Cameron’s Announces Sirius Wheat Ale as Summer Seasonal

OAKVILLE, ONCameron’s Brewing has announced the release of Sirius Wheat Ale, an American-style wheat beer, as their newest seasonal offering.

Brewed with Canadian malted wheat and two row malted barley and newest breed specialty hops. This all-natural, unpasteurized, unfiltered wheat ale has a distinct citrusy aroma and a taste that is quite quaffable. Because it is packaged unfiltered with a proportion of wheat in the grist bill, you will experience a cloudy appearance with the proteins and yeast in suspension. Light, rounded, thirst quenching, and refreshing; Sirius Wheat Ale is perfect for the blazing, hot days we are currently experiencing.

Sirius Wheat Ale is available now on draught at select bars and restaurants in the Toronto area, and will be released in bottles at the Cameron’s retail store in August.

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