Phillips Draws Inspiration from BC’s Brewing History for Evergreen Ale

VICTORIA, BCPhillips Brewing has announced the release of Evergreen Ale, a new limited edition brew inspired by one of the first beers to be made in British Columbia:

In March of 1778, Captain James Cook limped his ships, Discovery and Resolution, into Nootka Sound and, upon landing, went about repairing their masts and brewing a spruce beer from a mixture of molasses and fresh Sitka needles.

Our Evergreen Ale is crafted as an homage to Cook and BC brewing history. Just like the explorers of old, we set out on our own little conquest to gather fresh spruce for the brew but what started as a simple harvesting mission quickly turned into a full-blown backwoods adventure when things didn’t go exactly as planned

The story does have a happy ending though, in a beer endowed with a citrus-pine taste that might inspire you to become a history buff.

Phillips Evergreen Ale is available in 650 ml bottles at select liquor stores on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland for a limited time.

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