Barley Days Releases Special Oak-Aged Blended Brew

PICTON, ONBarley Days Brewery has announced details of the latest in the series of limited edition oak-aged beers that have been available on an occasional basis over the last few months.

Barley Days Oaked IPA/Royal George Blend is, as the name suggests, made using a blend of the brewery’s County IPA and Royal George Brown Ale. The following tasting notes are provided by the brewery:

It was brewed with a blend of 7 different Prince Edward County hops varieties and aged for almost a year in American oak barrels, built by the nearby Carriage House cooperage. It has a red/copper hue and a firm, hoppy aroma. The subtle, natural carbonation and mild bitterness allow the realization of the full body and caramel malty sweetness.

Like previous installments in the Barley Days Oaked series, this beer is available exclusively at the brewery retail store in a limited run of 650 ml bottles while supplies last.

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