Amsterdam Adventure Brew Series Continues With Calm Before The Storm

TORONTO, ONAmsterdam Brewery has announced the release of latest installment in its “Adventure Brew” series of limited edition beers.

Calm Before The Storm is an English Mild Ale with a unique pedigree, as described on the Amsterdam blog:

Coming from the same brew as Tempest (Imperial Stout), Calm Before the Storm gives beer drinkers a very unique chance to try two completely different beers that originally began as one. After transferring the wort for Tempest into the kettle, our brewers ran hot water over the same grain bed to collect the remaining residual sugars. These ‘second runnings’ were then fermented with a different yeast strain and hopped with Styrian Goldings to give us Calm Before the Storm. Beginning with 9.5 degrees Plato and finishing at 3.6, this beer comes in at 3.2% ABV – a far cry from the storm at 10% – but once you taste the cocoa and rye and experience its pleasant noble hop aroma, you’ll understand where she came from.

Calm Before The Storm is available now in 355 ml bottles at the Amsterdam retail store, and will also be available on draught at select pubs and restaurants in Toronto.

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