FiddleHop Farms Harvesting Hops This Weekend For Garrison Wet-Hopped Ale

GLENHOLME, NSFiddleHop Farms, an organic hops and fiddlehead farm in Nova Scotia, has announced that their annual hops harvest will be taking place this weekend, with much of the harvest destined to be used in an annual wet-hopped ale by Garrison Brewery.

Staff and volunteers will be picking the crop at FiddleHop on Saturday September 1st, the same day that three other hops farms in the province will also be harvesting. The resulting hops will be used by Garrison the next day to brew this year’s batch of 3 Fields Harvest Ale, which will be released in a few weeks.

“We’re really excited to continue our partnership with Garrison Brewery,” said FiddleHop Farms co-owner Evan Price in a statement. “We have an exceptional yield of crops this year and we are proud that our hops and farm will be a part of such a great product.”

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