The World Atlas of Beer Released in Canada This Week

TORONTO, ON – A month after its debut in the UK, The World Atlas of Beer is set to be released in Canada and the United States this week.

Coauthoured by Canadian beer writer Stephen Beaumont and his UK colleague Tim Webb, the Atlas – which is subtitled “The Essential Guide to the Beers of the World” – features 256 pages that are jam-packed with information and images about beer from around the world.

Canada’s brewing scene is covered on 8 pages of the book, including a 2 page introduction, and a pair of pages each on three regions – Quebec & the East; Ontario & The Prairies; and Alberta, British Columbia and The North.

The promote the release of the book, Beaumont and Webb will be appearing at beer festivals, dinners and signings throughout the US for the first half of October (full schedule available on Beaumont’s World of Beer website), followed by a lone Canadian appearance on Wednesday, October 17th at Bar Hop in Toronto, where they will be signing books and chatting with attendees from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

The World Atlas of Beer retails for $35, and will be available at booksellers across the country.

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  1. What’s even the point of separating BC from Washington and Oregon and then combining it with Alberta, in beer terms?

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