Molson Recalls Wide Mouth Aluminum Bottles of Canadian and Coors Light

TORONTO, ONBlogger Zach Bussey reports that Molson Coors Canada has issued a recall for the wide mouth aluminum bottles of Molson Canadian and Coors Light that were launched with much fanfare earlier this year.

According to the recall notice, the brewery has stopped shipment of the two beers in the wide mouth bottle format due to “some instances of an overly aged flavour” being reported. Bottles currently out in retail locations will also be pulled from shelves.

The statement also notes that the recall does not affect Coors Light Iced T, the only other beer available in the distinctive format, and that it is unknown when wide mouth bottles of Canadian and Coors Light will return to market.

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  1. I only drink beer what I make in my basement. This so called beer this company makes is not real beer. As far as I am concerned, they should recall every beer in every format an dump it down the sewers.

    • joe

      you are a fucking idiot man