Creemore Springs Announces New Off-Shoot, Mad & Noisy Brewing

CREEMORE, ONCreemore Springs Brewery has announced the launch of a new brand name to be used on a series of “experimental small-batch” beers.

Mad & Noisy Brewing takes its name from the Mad River and Noisy River, which intersect in the town of Creemore where the brewery is located.

The first beer to be offered under the new imprint is Hops & Bolts India Pale Lager, which is described as “a Czech twist on an English IPA.”

Hops & Bolts IPL is a draught-only beer that will be available on tap at select pubs and restaurants throughout Ontario for a limited time.

2 thoughts on “Creemore Springs Announces New Off-Shoot, Mad & Noisy Brewing

  1. Had a chance to try this brew tonight at the Prince Albert Pub in Mount Albert. It really is a nice smooth IPA that is brewed to the traditional “hoppy” taste. You have to love a strong smooth bitter taste to appreciate this brew – I do! It’s real beer! Where can I get more?

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