Mill Street 2012 Barley Wine & Cobblestone Stout Coming to LCBO

TORONTO, ONMill Street Brewery has announced the release of the 2012 vintage of Mill Street Barley Wine and the retail debut of Cobblestone Stout at the LCBO.

This year’s edition of the Barley Wine is an 11.5% abv strong ale that was aged in bourbon barrels, a first for the beer. It’s being released in a limited run of 500 ml swing-top ceramic bottles with wax seal.

Joining it on the shelves will be Cobblestone Stout, a previously draught-only 4.2% abv stout that is now available in 440 ml cans. Similar to Guinness and several other canned stouts and ales, the can includes a widget that releases a 70/30 mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide when the beer is poured, giving it a smooth and creamy body similar to draught stout.

Both beers are on their way to LCBO stores now, and will start appearing on shelves in the next couple of weeks.

2 thoughts on “Mill Street 2012 Barley Wine & Cobblestone Stout Coming to LCBO

  1. Thrilled to see Cobblestone is cans in the LCBO! But man, I think Mill St needs to review how they do the nitrogen widget – all 4 cans I had this weekend were incredibly explosive (i.e very messy) and seemed to have way too much pressure. They also left way too much nitrogen foam in the glass when finished as well. A small quirk with the new product that hopefully gets fixed soon.

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